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Brand Strategy + Storytelling to GUIDE weirdly brilliant leaders to

Rise to the Top of Your Industry

Bold business strategy services to help position
coaches, consultants and founders to be
the leader in the crowd.
Your weirdness is your brilliance…!

Personal Branding with Louise Williams
Personal Branding Louise background

It’s Time to Put

an end to Mediocre Marketing

Are you destined to become a client-collecting, stage-storming, industry-interruptor?

Do you have your sights set on making your coaching, consulting or speaking business a rip-roaring success?

I loooove that ambition, but is it matched by your marketing message? Chances are your current headshots have all the sizzle of a frozen sausage (said with love) and not even your mum could pick your personal branding out of a line-up (again, said with love).

Professional Headshots & Personal Branding with Louise with red hair and sparkly earring, pointing towards the camera
Professional headshots & Personal Branding with Louise with red hair and sparkly earring, pointing towards the camera

Quite simply,
‘Mediocre Marketing’ won’t get you

where you need to go...

Your personal brand IS your weapon… so do you wanna go to war with a rusty spoon or on the back of a 12-foot tall unicorn that shoots rainbow lasers from its horn?

You need brand strategy and storytelling that sells you as the industry-disruptor before people have even met you – the zebra in a field of horses – zigging when everyone else zags.

But where do you start? Probably with someone who’s more adept with photography and brand strategy than they are at mixing metaphors…

…here are three services that will blow away your competition by putting YOU at the core of your marketing.

Professional Headshots & Personal Branding with Louise wearing a tinsel jacket, holding a light sabre, riding on the back of a unicorn that shoots rainbow lasers from it's horn
Professional Headshots & Personal Branding with Louise on Unicorn
Professional Headshots | How can I help?
Professional Headshots how I can help



Find your ‘why’

Step back from your business and give yourself room to examine your goals in-depth, gain clarity on how to achieve them and align your values with your purpose. Identify what you and your personal branding stands for and how to communicate that to your customers.

Professional Headshots most popular


Brand Strategy
& Brilliant Photos

Define your narrative and
capture ‘future you’

Get comfortable with who you really are and what you want to achieve. Work with me to craft a powerful message that cuts through the marketing fog, and showcase the real you through mind-blowing headshots that you’ll find any excuse to use. These photos act as the ‘future you’, a North Star for your journey.

Fast Track


No drama. No Fuss.
Just jaw-dropping photos

Create spectacular headshots that steal the show wherever you use them. It’s time for you to take centre stage in your marketing…

Professional headshots

Quick Question

(or five)

Are you...

Ready to grow your coaching, consulting, or speaking business exponentially?

Desperate to make a difference to as many lives as possible and achieve impact at scale?

Prepared to create personal branding that stands out from the competition?

Looking for professional headshots that’ll make your customer’s jaw drop and beg to work with you?

Are you ready to live up to your full potential and rise to the top of your industry?

If you were nodding along to at least one of these, or even if you screamed ‘YES, YES, YES!’ at the top of your lungs and you want to achieve all of these, then read on to see how we can work together on your marketing strategy…

Professional Headshots Personal Branding strategy Louise in sparkly jacket

Here’s What
I Can Do

for You

My services could be right up your
street if you want to:

  • Attract your ideal client with a compelling narrative and irresistible personal branding (it’ll be like bees to honey, honey…)
  • Run marketing campaigns that cut through the fluff and generate real results (no more flushing your ad dollars down the dunny)
  • Turn your website into a high-converting machine (instead of being beetroot-red embarrassed to send people there)
  • Establish yourself as a thought leader and snag all the best speaking spots and business opportunities (you’ve worked your way up and put in the hard yards, now it’s time to rise to the top)
  • Repel those who would make less than ideal clients (ugh, we’ve all had some of those)
Professional Headshots personal branding and brand strategy
Professional Headshots & Personal Branding camera icon
Professional Headshots & personal branding pattern


unfiltered, undiluted & totally magnetic

Contact Louise Williams
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The Workplace Human Value Disruptor

With the nonstop value add of her psychology background, Louise helps you overcome blocks and challenges you may be facing. So, you can craft your messaging to connect with and touch the hearts and minds of all who come across your work.

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Conversion-Focused Direct Response Copywriter & Online Marketing Expert

Working with Louise is hands down one of the best investments I’ve ever made in my brand. Her process is unlike any other. This was my last piece of the puzzle for serious growth in my business.

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Customer Strategy Consultant, Keynote Speaker & Author

Louise delivered outstanding, cut-through images that portray exactly who we are + want to show up as. Her process solidified so many issues around our identity + positioning that we had grappled with for years. She’s fun, challenging & knowledgeable.

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Style Coach & Image Alignment Specialist

When I look at my photographs, it is like looking into a mirror of my soul. I feel like people can see exactly who I am, no pretense and the impact of this is a powerful potent attractor for people who need you in their lives.

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Consultant for Women in STEM, Organisational Change Manager & Author

I was so excited to spruce up my branding images. This was not a traditional headshot session. Rather an examination of my goals for my business and what I was about. The resulting images are full of movement and life.

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Deep Belief Hacker for Empathpreneurs

Louise is an elite in her field, capturing your essence and amplifying it to cosmic levels. Stretching the boundaries to the benefit of YOU. She gets inside your head, then identifies the brilliance within and from behind the camera, expertly enticing it to boldly shine.

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Founder at Nurse Professional Advancement

Louise has a unique ability to connect with your future self and propel you wildly towards it. Blending Jungian Psychology with photography to set a path from your current self to your future state. Her photos are outrageously authentic, but her real skill is catapulting you towards your future goals.

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Web Designer, Content Strategist & Copywriter, Speaker & Author

My photos are incredibly memorable, funny, quirky and very me: All of me – complete with all my wonderous silly, geeky and standout-ishness. People see my photos and instantly recall who I am and what I do. They uniquely brand me on the market in a way that no bland corporate headshot can. This was the best marketing investment I have made in a decade.

Tracy Sheen, The Digital Guide, wearing a black dress and curled red hair, with hands on hips
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Digital Guide, Speaker, Writer

Louise helped me to embody the role I’m stepping into and, as a result was able to capture the future photo of me. The image that perfectly represents where I’m headed and how my clients interact with me. Every forward-thinking entrepreneur should engage and work with this very talented artist.

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Educator, Author, Speaker & Mentor

I love working with creative people. Louise is not a photographer – she is an artist. She has a wonderful talent for seeing what COULD be rather than just what IS. The stunning images she has created for me took me way out of my comfort zone. Work with Louise when you are ready to take a giant leap forward through your branding.

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Louise in sparkly jacket specialises in brand strategy

Were you Born to Lead,

or to Follow?

There’s a version of ‘you’, living the life you dream of…

I call them Future You. Future you…

… speaks from stages, with thousands hanging
on their every word.

… is inundated by amazing opportunities to
collaborate with well-known podcasters,
media personalities and publications.

… has a thriving business that provides for them
financially, emotionally and fills them with purpose.

… is able to take their message to everyone who needs to hear it and have 1000x more impact.

And all you have to do to live that life is reveal the future you.

Wanna know how to do it?

The Woman Behind

the Camera

I’m Louise Williams and I help founders, coaches and consultants feel like they can conquer the world, and I do it through photography and brand strategy.

I work with people who want to own who they are…who they REALLY are – no more ‘acceptable’ facades. People who are different, right down to their DNA. People who want to shake sh!t up in their industry. Or, people who are looking to GROW.

Some come to me just for brand strategy, some for photography / professional headshots and some for both. Whatever you’re here for, just know that we’re about to do something incredible together.

Professional Headshots that


If you choose photographs, you get high-fidelity professional headshots that will stop people in their tracks. They’re the equivalent of screaming ‘THIS IS THE REAL ME, WORLD!’ through a loudspeaker from the top of the Opera House (#sorrynotsorry for the Aussie stereotype).

But they’re not just amazing photos that you’ll be using at every opportunity in your marketing campaigns, events, website and social media. No, these photos will act as your target – a guiding light into the future, a marker for what we can, and WILL, achieve together!

Personal Branding - Louise is an expert

Professional Headshots that’ll Make ‘Em Go


If you need to do a deep dive into your personal branding strategy to understand who you are and what makes you different, then let’s go, go, go!

I’ll help you find the confidence to be who you’ve always known you are and craft a compelling narrative around your personal branding.

We’ll work together to implement your new strategy, and you’ll know you’ve got a partner for life. I’ve got your back and you can buy me a coffee when you’ve achieved every one of your goals in 18 months’ time.

Professional Headshots

Need a Speaker Who Will Captivate

and Inspire Your Audience?

If you’re looking to book a speaker your audience will remember for years, then I’m your woman.

An author, accomplished speaker and former psychologist, there’s no-one quite like me when it comes to putting a unique spin on topics ranging from personal relationships and acceptance to the power of personal branding.

I’ve taken to stages to talk about how to stay true to yourself in business, working through fear, finding yourself in business and your personal life, and how to create, step into, and own your future personal brand.

I can craft a custom presentation based on your specific audience and time restrictions, or I can give my keynote address which you can find out about here.

What is your ‘Future You™’ Brand?

Want to create a jaw-dropping brand that attracts ‘your people’
like a mammoth-sized magnet?

Take this quiz to uncover how your values, behaviours and
messages can be used to create a brand that’s stronger than
Beyonce and Katy Perry put together.

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