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Public Speaker

Want to Book a Public
Speaker Who’ll Keep Your
Attendees Stuck to Their
Seats Better than a


Gecko with a Gluegun?

I’m Not Your Usual ‘Fluffy’ Speaker…

Bad public speakers misjudge their audience and miss the mark…

Good public speakers keep their audience engaged, nodding along politely…

Great public speakers command the audience to sit up straight and pay attention as if by magic…

They hook attendees from the get-go.

They bring about genuine revelations and cause your attendees to see their world in a whole different light.

Each person feels like the speaker is talking directly to them
and to them only.

Hence, you can feel the electricity in the air as you look around the audience… each person is desperate to implement what they’ve learnt in their own business and rave about your event to anyone that will listen.

That’s a real public speaker. That’s who you want on YOUR stage, because…

Corporate Headshots
Corporate Headshots

Your Event is Only as
Good as Your


Let’s get real for a moment… A great speaker can turn your event from ‘so-so’ to ‘can’t miss’ in an instant.

Consequently, attendees buzz about the amazing experience and start to talk about your next event before the current one is even finished. Additionally, when they do book the next one… well, you just know they’re gonna want to bring their friends and colleagues too!

Why wouldn’t they? Your event has got them one step closer to achieving their goals. Moreover, you need a speaker who understands what you’re trying to achieve for your attendees and who won’t stop until they move everyone in your audience to action.

…and just between us, when a great speaker gets EVERYONE talking, the person who booked them looks like an absolute genius.
But I won’t tell if you don’t!

So, are you ready to cement your event’s success and discover a stage-storming speaker who can engage audiences no matter whether you’re hosting a conference, webinar or podcast?

Corporate Headshots

Nonetheless, if you’re looking for a memorable and engaging speaker for your event, webinar or podcast… I’m your woman! My speeches aren’t the usual one-way traffic, I challenge my audience to get engaged in activities and respond to my questions throughout.

To cut a long story short, I’m a former psychologist turned professional photographer, personal branding expert and author.

As a result, now I help my clients to step into who they really are, how to stop hiding from their potential and how to open themselves up to success… likewise, that’s exactly what I want to bring to your audience.

Only a public speaker who’s a professional photographer could hold your audiences’ focus this well… (Ha – yes, I went there)

Overall, I deliver my message in person at events or conferences, or virtually on podcasts, webinars, live-streams on social and online summits. (Admittedly, I’m doing less of the former since the whole bat-human-coronavirus debacle… is it too soon to call it a ‘bat-astrophe’?!)

Public Speaker
Corporate Headshots
Corporate Headshots
Corporate Headshots

Equal-Parts Funny,
Emotional and


As a world-class photographer and branding expert, author, accomplished speaker and former psychologist, there’s no-one quite like little old me when it comes to talking about topics like how to:

  • Attract your ideal client, who’ll feel an instant affinity with your messaging and photographs… and repel those that you’d rather not work with anyway
  • Work through fear, so you can FINALLY step into the person you were born to be. You own a business, shouldn’t you own who you are too?!
  • Run thumb-stopping campaigns on social media that have your competitors scrambling to copy you and wondering how you do it
  • Attract people to your website and have it convert visitors into kickass clients, day after day, like a never-ending conveyor belt of people who can’t wait to work with you
  • Reveal the real you and know that anyone exposed to your marketing is seeing your authentic energy, beliefs and
    intentions and how to back yourself 100%
  • Future-proof your business by creating aspirational marketing that shows the future-you, not just you as you currently are
  • Build dynamic teams that respond as one, especially in a chaotic, uncertain world

Spectator-Stirring Speeches

Take a look at the list below to see some of my most-requested speeches. If in doubt, request
my keynote – when you see your audiences’ reactions, you won’t regret it!

How To Become a Unicorn in a Field of Horses (KEYNOTE)

After all, average doesn’t cut it any more. Your audience will learn how to stand up and stand out in this 90-minute talk. Equal parts motivation and practical advice, I talk about the importance of owning who you are, how to show up as your authentic self and conquer your personal ‘impostor monster’. Moreover, this talk is for everyone who has imagined taking the next scary step in business but finds themself questioning whether they really have what it takes to succeed. (HINT: You do. You just need to learn how to access it.) Finally, It’s time to show up as the person you want to become… the one who’s always been there, waiting for permission to emerge.

  • Trailblazers Don’t Do Boring

    A shortened version of my keynote. Understand the psychology behind the characteristics that set trailblazers apart from their followers.

  • Real Brands, Real Influence

    Discover the three traits that make a successful brand. Listen as I show how to leverage your vulnerability to create marketing campaigns and a customer experience that FEELS authentic.

  • Future Inspired Personal Branding

    Is it possible to take a photo of the ‘Future You™’? In this interesting talk, I explain how envisioning your future through a photograph and incorporating it into your marketing is the key to achieving real, long-lasting success.

  • The Underestimated Leader

    Ever felt like people overlook you and take you for granted? Struggling with self-doubt?
    Not after this talk…

  • Brand Leaders are Seen AND Heard

    What does it take to be a REAL leader and how do you present yourself in an increasingly online world? Discover the five steps you have to take to get off the fence, own your opinion and become the leader you’re meant to be.

  • The Psychology Behind Your LinkedIn Photo

    People form snap judgements that decide whether or not they want to do business with you? I reveal what your LinkedIn photo is saying about you and how you can improve it.

See a topic you like? Great! If you want something else, then just give me details of your
audience and your  time restrictions and I’ll propose three topics that I think will blow your
audience over quicker than a wolf with a wind machine.

Corporate Headshots
Corporate Headshots
Corporate Headshots

Book Me as a public speaker and Your
Next Event Will Be the
One You Measure

Every Other Event By. Forever!

Afterall, every person hosting an event wants to sit back after a talk and hear the audience say things like ‘holy sh*t, that talk was good. I’m so glad we attended this event!’

Henceforth, if you’re looking for someone to inspire and rally your audience to commit to real change, consider me your William Wallace (a.k.a Mel Gibson), hollering ‘FREEDOM’ at the top of my lungs… minus the war paint and dreadlocks, of course!

Book a call now using the button below to hear how I can blow away your audience and make your virtual or in-person event a runaway success.

What is your ‘Future You™’ Brand?

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