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Headshots And brand
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‘Allergic to Average’ 

Light - Brand coaching

(A.K.A Trailblazing Unicorns) 

Be a unicorn in a field of horses – headshots, storytelling and
brand strategy services for founders, coaches and
consultants who are ready to level up, say goodbye
to the mediocre profile photo and step into who they were born to be.  

Are you ready to shake sh*t up, reveal the real you,
and fly higher than a bald eagle with a jetpack?

Corporate Headshots


What my clients know me for (maybe even more than the photography and branding!) is telling it how it is. 

That’s because the only way to step out of the past and into the future you see for yourself is to get real… like REALLY real. 

This requires a healthy cup of vulnerability on your part and a gallon of truth-telling on mine. 

If you’re willing to open yourself and be vulnerable, I’ll create the safe space for you to reflect on your journey and realise who you truly are and where you want to go. 

Together, we’ll get you there. 

Now… are you ready for some of those hard truths?

Corporate Headshots
Corporate Headshots
Corporate Headshots

Would you rather choose...


‘Standard’ (vom)
Profile photo
LinkedIn Photo

Hella boring. Looks like some corporate headshot snooze-fest. Does sweet FA for your marketing. Cringey experience. Cringey results. Cringey all over. You need to take a bath.

headshots and brand strategy


Photos taken by someone masquerading as a personal branding ‘expert’ (double vom)

Clichéd cafe shot. Check. Cookie-cutter poses. Check. Know in your gut they don’t capture the ‘real you’. Check. Still do pretty much sweet FA for your marketing. Check.

To be fair, these headshots look ‘professional’ and ‘pretty’, but that’s EXACTLY the problem. They’re the same 2D, beige shots that every ‘professional’ in your industry is plastering on their webinars, event posters and Facebook ads. If you want to be the Unicorn, standing apart from your peers, do you think the same shots are gonna do it? Let’s be real for a second… the closest these headshots photography experts are gonna get you to Unicorn status is by making you headbutt a Cornetto.

headshots and Louise with an ice cream
headshots photographer LOUISE WILLIAMS

Option C

Headshots from a real-life ‘I sh*t you not’
photography and brand strategy unicorn

‘Different’ is in your DNA. In fact, your worst fear is the words ‘Delightfully Mediocre’ chiseled on your tombstone. Work with someone who can bring out and capture your unapologetic vibe in high-fidelity photos that scream ‘This is the real me!’

WARNING: You may actually get sick of friends and colleagues saying “oh my god, that is SO you!” (But of course you’ll smile every time.) Together we’ll be a more badass team than Thelma and Louise* (with a happier ending, but just as much impact.) Most suitable for business-builders, speakers, coaches and consultants that want to flip the script, create killer marketing campaigns and blaze their own trail.

* My name is actually Louise, so it’s probably best you play Thelma. We’ll swap next time, I promise.

Entry level Brand Programs start from $1,950 +gst Investment
Payment plans are available.
Professional Headshots personal branding and brand strategy
headshots actor
Corporate Headshots

You know what having the same photos as everyone else gets you? The same sh*tty results as everyone else. Albert Einstein said those exact words. Probably.

Here are ten signs we
should work together:

  • You want to level up

    Your business and personal life is at sea level and you have your heart set on Everest-altitude success. However, you’re just not sure exactly how to climb the mountain by yourself (Hot tip: Don’t, find a sherpa).

  • Want to make a splash in 
    your industry

    To make a big impact, you need to do things differently. And, not just that, you have to SHOW you’re different. Easier said than done. I’ve helped male inmates at a prison unmask their ‘real’ identities. You better believe I can do it with you, too. 

  • You’re sick of ‘the gap’

    No, not the store – but there IS a ginormous gap between how you see yourself and how the world sees you. How are you going to bridge it? (HINT: the answer is pretty obvious)

  • Your marketing is missing 
    the mark

    Something isn’t quite right, but you can’t quite put your finger on what… Or, it’s pretty damn obvious because it’s just plain average and you’ve currently got your tail between your legs. Hmmm, if only you knew someone who could help you hit a triumphant bullseye and transform your marketing. 

  • Done with being a 

    Following your peers and playing by the normal rules is soul-shrivelling for a trailblazer like you. You’re a god-damn unique snowflake (as in wonderful and different, NOT self-obsessed and fragile) and it’s time to show it.  

  • You want to reframe your 
    brand strategy

    But, the thought of revealing yourself to the world and your peers reduces you to a sweaty mess. You need a safe space to reimagine yourself and a guide to light your way (*cough… I’m currently holding a flashlight).

  • You’d like to feel proud of your 
    marketing assets 

    Wouldn’t it be nice to have a sense of pride and confidence wash over you every time you see your photos on your website, on social media or plastered across billboards (not real billboards silly, they’d be terrible for most peoples marketing –  but you get what I mean)?!  

  • Want your personality to 
    lead not follow

    Most headshot photographs are used almost as an afterthought or placeholder – the heavy lifting is done by the rest of the marketing assets. Not these photos! They’ll inject you INTO the marketing so that your personality shines through in everything you do. Pretty soon, you’ll realise that these photos are the heart of your marketing,  and the rest is just there to explain and expand on what your photos have already communicated.

  • You need a space to come out
    of your shell 

    You’re a beautiful butterfly and you just need the trust, safety and protection of a chrysalis to emerge as ‘the real you’. I’ll guard your space with my life.  

  • Need photos that show the person you’re going to become 

    Most photographs show who you are right now, in the exact moment they’re taken.  But if you’re not yet at your peak of where you want to go, then that just doesn’t cut it. You grow out of them in 5 minutes. I dig deep to understand where you want to be in the future, a concept I call ‘the future you’. My photos are a projection of who you’ll become.  

Kinda ‘weird’ but also epically exciting right? Exactly.

Corporate Headshots
Corporate Headshots


unfiltered, undiluted & totally magnetic

Corporate Headshots

Here's your
call to adventure

(If you choose to accept it):

headshots for linkedin

I’ve always known I was a ‘square peg in a round hole’. Being charmingly curvy, I get the irony.

Still, I spent years trying to hack away at my corners in a misguided attempt to fit into someone else’s stupid, misshapen box. Concealing who I was, petrified of how they’d react to the real me.

But in the quest to make myself palatable to their tastes, I was losing all the flavoursome herbs and spices that made me, me.

When I finally embraced the fact that I was a sparkly glitter bomb with jagged edges that sizzle and pop, not some boring office drone, everything changed. My personal relationships improved, and my business exploded. My marketing went from missing the mark to a triumphant bullseye. People loved the real me!

And guess what?

There wasn’t a single pitchfork-wielding villager in sight!

If you’re on my website, then I know we have something in common…


 … cut from a different cloth.

…. a beautiful unicorn in a field of horses.

….. a delicious fruit loop in a bowl of bran flakes.

headshots for modelling
Corporate Headshots

So why do your headshots look

like everyone else’s?

Why is your marketing the same as everyone else’s?

I think it’s because you haven’t made the decision to level up just yet.

But, because you’re here I have a sneaking suspicion that’s about to change.

Let me show you how photographs can be the stepping stone to the ‘future you’.

How they can help you become the guide, and help your clients become the hero.

It’s time to show the world that you’re a trailblazer.

Time to level up and become the goddamn badass Unicorn we both know you are.

profile photo

Why is your marketing

so average?

It’s time for me to call out the sh*t I see in
this industry…

Let me guess, you feel like you’ve been treading water with your marketing and the results just haven’t hit the mark (possibly an understatement)… or, you’ve spent a small fortune on headshots and branding ‘experts’ who couldn’t see beneath your surface or capture your real message? 

This is all said with love (and respect)… but, it’s time to call a spade a goddamn spade before I hit someone over the head with one. 

headshots photography

Most headshot


Have a 2D understanding of their subjects – they take ‘flat’ headshots, with little depth and forced personality. Sure, they look professional enough, but do they show the real you? Hell no!

In fact, they’re more obsessed with shooting in the ‘perfect’ location and what you’ll be wearing than forging a connection between you and the camera.  

Yes, they can do an okay job of photographing who you are now, but they can’t capture the ‘you’ you dream of becoming in 18 months time. 

Unfortunately, some ‘enterprising’ photographers have realised they can squeeze out a few extra bucks by labelling themselves a ‘branding guru’. And yet they’re still asking you to fake the same cookie-cutter poses as their last twenty clients in the same clichéd café! You might as well just hide behind a gigantic coffee cup and pray the ground swallows you up, pronto! *LOUISE’S TOP TIP* – Take a hip flask and make your coffee ‘Irish’ – that way you can swallow your cringe AND your whiskey in the same gulp. 

You were excited to see some pretty photos (headshots), but that excitement grows stale as you realise they’ve made you look like a carbon copy of every client that’s ever walked through their doors. 

Okay Louise, you had your vent – time to play nice. 

Headshots - Most branding


Don’t take the time to understand what makes you unique or don’t have the psychological tools needed to really dig deep into your story and bring those details to the surface. 

Sure, they know how to position you based on your industry and services, but they cover all your unique quirks behind a veneer of polish.  

Do you really want to compete against everyone based on the quality of your services alone, or do you want to win clients on the one thing no competitor can possibly hope to copy your personality?! 

That’s what my photos capture.

Corporate Headshots

Working with


Gets you average results. Furthermore, if you want to have an impact in today’s world, average just doesn’t cut it! Rebels stand out. Rebels fight for their audience’s  attention (and win!)

No one will ever care as much as you do about your progress or where you want to go. But, I’ll come a close second (ok, maybe third behind your mum or pet snake Rufus, but I’ll fight for you no matter what!)

“Louise, this all sounds fricken
awesome, but can you tell me

what you really DO?”

Okay okay… Here’s the low down. I help speakers, coaches and consultants to craft the ultimate first impression through expressive headshots that show the REAL you.

Furthermore, through brand identity work, understanding your archetype and brand symbolism, we will build a narrative that your audience will love and respond to.

You see, to impact at scale and become a leader in your space, you need a powerful, clear message, and you must be consistent across everything you do.  That means your calls, emails, marketing materials, website and events all need to communicate the same message: “This is me. I am unique. This is what I stand for.” 

Together, we’ll clarify your brand and what you stand for. Also, we will refine and reframe it so that it hits the mark, and take unbelievable photographs that capture the real you.  Sometimes (okay – always), it’s not even the ‘you’ that you are now, but who you want to be in 18 months time (you know, the industry-disruptor that turns things on their head.)

Overall, whether you know it or not, it’s the person who you’ve always been… just stripped of all the limiting beliefs and facades you kept up to protect the real you from the world.

After we work together,

you’ll be able to:

  • Run thumb-stopping campaigns on social media
  • Send people to your website (without embarrassment) and have it convert visitors day after day into kickass clients (you love!)
  • Bathe in compliments (and jealousy) as people tell you how amazing your new photos look
  • Know that anyone exposed to your marketing is seeing the real you – your energy, beliefs and intentions
  • Attract your ideal client, who’ll feel an instant affinity with your messaging and photographs
  • Repel those that you’d rather not work with anyway

When you unmask yourself and understand your true value,
you become bolder, louder and prouder of yourself, and you
better believe that has a massive effect on  your business!

confetti 1
confetti 2
Contact Louise Williams
praise text


Style Coach & Image Alignment Specialist

When I look at my photographs, it is like looking into a mirror of my soul. I feel like people can see exactly who I am, no pretense and the impact of this is a powerful potent attractor for people who need you in their lives.

praise text


Speaker, C-Suite Mentor, Trainer & Author

I hired Louise Williams to assist me to reposition myself and link my visual assets more closely with my own IP. Wow. Louise really delivers…I can’t wait to start using my new imagery more fully!

praise text


Customer Strategy Consultant, Keynote Speaker & Author

Louise delivered outstanding, cut-through images that portray exactly who we are + want to show up as. Her process solidified so many issues around our identity + positioning that we had grappled with for years. She’s fun, challenging & knowledgeable.

Jaimee Maree, Savvy Copywriter, wearing a black jacket, smiling and hands on hips
praise text


Conversion-Focused Direct Response Copywriter & Online Marketing Expert

Working with Louise is hands down one of the best investments I’ve ever made in my brand. Her process is unlike any other. This was my last piece of the puzzle for serious growth in my business.

praise text


Connecting Leaders and Teams, Mentor, Coach, Facilitator & Speaker

This experience elevates you into your higher self. The self that already exists, and seeks to be fully exposed and expressed. Louise never ceases to amaze me in how she effortlessly brings out who I am, what I do, my energy and essence AND tells this story through images of me.

praise text


Career Success Strategist, Author & Keynote Speaker

I was in a state of depression when I came across Louise. I had lost direction. My career was a standstill. Through a photographic journey, Louise helped me to see me as I wanted to be seen. Since then I’ve published a book and kicked started a new business.

praise text


Author & Publishing Coach

Louise Williams is far more than a passionate photographer. She is an alchemist, drawing on almost magical skills and divine guidance to get the best out of her camera with client outcomes that are nothing short of extraordinary. The very best creative artist I’ve ever worked with.

praise text


Vitality Expert

I loved the whole experience from woe to go. I was attracted to Louise’s psychologist background and using those skills to ask pertinent questions, then click the camera at just the right time. She didn’t disappoint. I am thrilled with the results and can’t wait to do it all again one day with some different scenes.

praise text


Quality Auditing Expert for human service & NDIS organisations

I was 1000% amazed at the quality of what Louise presented to me with my photos and how she drew out the characteristics and qualities for where I am wanting to be positioned in 2+ years. No boring and stilted photos here!

praise text


Workplace Mental Health Educator & Speaker

Louise deeply understood my area of work and saw the real me – the me that I had been reticent to show to the world in case it didn’t have enough ‘gravitas’ (a hangover from my legal background!). Congruency at last! The business result – motivation and courage to show my clients the WSYIWIG me, what I have to offer – and not die wondering ‘what if?’

”But seriously Louise, what do you actually DO

that’s so Magical?”

Some call me crazy but hey, you asked for it! This is where the magic lies…

Have you ever imagined yourself stepping onto the stage, as thousands look up at you, ready to hear your words of wisdom? Or, having podcasters practically beat down your door to get you on their show? Alternatively. perhaps you want to turn your current  6-figure business into a thriving multi-million dollar business?

But, you keep hearing these scared whispers… ‘Am I good enough…what if I can’t do it?’

Before long, your fleeting doubts have become a fully-fledged ‘Impostor Monster’ who won’t stop reminding you that the toilet bowl after its last hangover looks better than your marketing does (said with love).

As a result, there’s no way you’re showing up as the type of person who gets asked to speak on stages and becomes an in-demand guest on podcasts, let alone create a 7 or 8  figure business.

You know where you want to go… also, you know who you want to become, but you’re sure as sh*t not showing up as that person just yet.

Regardless, you can’t expect average headshots to tell a story like yours.

That’s pretty clear.

Well, what if you looked at this a little backwards… (stay with me, it’ll be worth it.)

Corporate Headshots

Get Rid Of The

Imposter Monster...

What if your headshots were able to actually capture and represent the kickass person you imagined and can FEEL in your gut (minus the imposter monster)? You know, the stage-storming, prolific-podcasting, client-collecting unicorn that’s inside of you, who’s literally DYING to come out. 

What if, simply by taking those photos of the ‘future you’, it helped you BECOME that person?

Imagine if these photos were the trigger that set everything in motion? The moment that set you on the path to actually becoming the person you imagined? 

What if this is your fricken starting gun? 

If you had the evidence IN YOUR HANDS that you could be the type of person who speaks on stages around the world, the most in-demand badass in your industry, with a multi-million dollar business to boot… 

In that case, you might as well become that person right?

Easy 😉

Yeah… It’s not easy. But, this is what I do for my clients. Every single day. Don’t ask me how, it’s a trade secret.

So, when we team up and I physically put those photos in your hands, you’ll be able to SEE the person you’re going to become with your own eyes.

Then, you’ll finally believe it. All those things that you believed you could do? Suddenly, you KNOW you can do them. And what’s more? You WILL do them.

It’s time to banish that Impostor Monster once and for all, so it doesn’t come back to bite you in the ass.

Oh, and I know I said it was a trade secret how I do what I do… but I couldn’t leave you with that kinda suspense or you won’t sleep tonight.


Wanna know my secret sauce?

My Superpower behind the magic I create…

Firstly, don’t get me wrong, a photo shoot can be a daunting experience if not handled right.

Some person you literally just met is commanding you to contort your body into a series of ungodly poses. You’ve never moved your body like this before (at least on purpose), so why now? If you’re not careful you’re gonna need to have your chiropractor on speed dial.

Hold on, wait…and they expect you to look natural?!

I can literally feel the sweat beads forming.

But it doesn’t
have to be like that…

Plus, I’m hilariously funny (just ask me!) and so there won’t be any wooden, fake smiles around here.

My superpower, the one thing I do better than anyone else on the planet (yes, the planet!), is the ability to create a ​safe space​ for the people I photograph to truly come out of their shell.

What really
sets me apart

From your bog-standard photographer

What makes me different is my in-depth knowledge of a) how to capture your best self with killer photos… but more importantly b) how people (you!) think.

In other words, I can help you see the unseen.

What qualifies me to say that? Well, my first career was in Psychology. I got my Bachelor’s and Master’s and began working as a psychologist in research facilities, hospitals, workplace rehabilitation and employee assistance programs.

Moreover, I even worked in a maximum-security men’s prison in Brisbane. Talk about a trial by fire… and then eventually I owned and ran my own private psychology practice.

Years and years of talking to people.

Understanding what makes them tick, the persona they portray to the world, and the real individual they hide beneath.

When you feel safe, you let down your walls. You stop projecting what you think the world wants to see and actually show who you really are. You share jokes, and details about yourself that you haven’t shared with anybody before.

You become the real you.

Unapologetically you.

And I help you truly embody that confidence in front of the camera.

I see who you are, who you really are, and that’s when the magic happens.


And now the most important part -
Accepting your call to adventure and

taking ACTION

Seeking impact is scary. To level up, you have to be seen.

You have to reveal the real you. You have to pack up your sh*t, leave your comfort zone and start living in a risky place I call ‘Uncomfortown’.

To stand the best chance of success, you need to walk with a guide who has navigated this terrain before. Hand-in-hand, we’ll explore the valleys of Photographia, the winding river of Branding, before finally arriving at our destination, Impact Plains, where you’ll take your place as the majestic unicorn you are, outrunning and outshining the herd of horses that surround you.

So it’s time to be brave. If you follow your predecessors for much longer you might actually shrivel up and die (said with love but it’s true!).

Let’s shake sh*t up, show the world the real you, and finally have the impact you were meant to.

You’re creating a legacy piece that’s bigger than you.

It’s time to embrace your awesomeness.

To let the world see your unseen and claim your unicorn status.

Accept your call to adventure and take the first step of your new journey.

Right now. Chop chop. I’m waiting.

All the good stuff is up there ☝

Oh, you scrolled to the bottom because you’re ready to ‘Buy Now’?

Why didn’t you say so?

But, before I let you buy, I need to make sure you’re a good fit for me. Cos if you ain’t an amazing human who loves red wine or white muscat* and wants to go on a journey to epically grow your business (and more importantly yourself!), then we ain’t gonna get along and I don’t want you in my posse (no offence).

*Optional but advantageous.

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