Corporate Headshots

Say Sayonara

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to Sh*tty Stock Shots and
Pedestrian Pictures with
Team Photos that Drip
with Personality

Team Building Photographs

Make the ultimate first impression with personality-led team
and individual photos that showcase the best of your
company. Build trust and relationships with your customers
using unique team building photographs that supercharge your marketing.

This is 50% photography, 50% team-building and alignment.

Corporate Headshots
Corporate Headshots

Show Your Team

in all Their Glory

People buy from people, right? Well, that’s what every sales book ever written says in any case… And some cliches exist for a reason.

People trust brands that place their people front and centre in their marketing.

They’re more likely to buy from you if they can see a photo of Mark, your friendly customer service rep, or Hayley, your outstanding ops director.

When customers form relationships with your team, they’ll come back and buy from you over and over again. They’ll also be more loyal to you and recommend you to all their friends. Unique team building photographs can make a difference to your business.

Let’s Test

the Theory

Your BFF needs a recommendation… Who would you rather recommend?

  • Option A) the company that cares enough about their people and their customers to put their employees front-and-centre of what they do… the one you’ve built an ongoing, long-term relationship with?

  • Or Option B) the faceless corporation with an army of interchangeable, personality-challenged drones who wouldn’t know customer service if it slapped them across the face with a wet trout (on a side note, F.U. telcos!)

Many companies understand the power of team photos in principle… and then go in the totally wrong direction!

Beware the Dark,

Dangerous Path

Some businesses understand everything I said above, and then they go and do something silly anyway.

They use low-quality team photos that completely miss the mark…

…or even worse, they use stock photos. GASP.

Photos are there to SELL your brand – your values, beliefs and personality… quirks and all!

When you use stock photos, customers wonder if they can trust you… are you a legitimate business or a fly-by-night huckster out to make a quick buck and then vanish on them?

It’s time to make an appointment with Louise for your unique team building photographs.

Get Team Building Photographs

Done Right!

Ooooh, but when team building photos are done well, that’s when the magic happens.

Your marketing takes on a new personality. Your brand turns from an easily-ignored 2d entity to a 3d business full of depth and character. When your people shine, you shine, and your customers will swear blind they can literally taste the Michelin Star quality of your brand in every interaction. You’ll be able to use your new photos on your website, brochures, forums and your customer service chats.

But marketing isn’t the only reason you need to book my Future Teams Day. Oh no, my goal is as much about bringing your team together and getting them aligned with your business goals as it is about taking unbelievable photos.

I’m talking Avengers-level teamwork here… Tony Stark mapping out new business strategies, Thor creating lightning-strike marketing campaigns and Hulk just doing his darndest to smash your quarterly KPIs into oblivion.

Because when talented individuals come together in pursuit of a common goal, magical things can happen…

Unlock Your Team’s Potential and Unleash

Their Superpowers

True leaders understand the power of teamwork. How far do you think Harry Potter would’ve got without Hermione’s brains and Ron’s…(hang on, what did Ron bring to the table again?!)

To meet your business goals, you need a team that can do anything they set their mind to.

A team with high-morale and resilience that can see them through the toughest times and overcome any obstacle (hello, 2020, didn’t see you there…)

They move perfectly in-sync, like muscle-bound rowers straining together as one to reach their goal. A team with a ‘can-do’ attitude that takes ownership and treats your business as if it was their own.

They sees what they can become, both as individuals and as a collective, and are ready to step into their potential.

But to get the best results, you can’t lead by example and hope it will trickle down to your team. You need to ENGAGE them in your mission, so it becomes their mission too!

Everyone should understand their own capabilities, strengths and skill sets, as well as those of the rest of the team.

This doesn’t happen by accident though. Oh no, my friend, you have to do it on a porpoise ON PURPOSE.

When Your Team Moves as One,

Everything Falls
Into Place

Capturing photos is one thing, but where my superpowers lie is being able to bring out your employees’ strength and personality.

Yes, when you attend your Future Teams Day you’ll get incredible team building photographs that move the needle in your marketing, but my team-building and aligning exercises mean you’ll also get a focused team that is ready to forge ahead together to help your business succeed.

And when that happens, you’ll be able to launch new products or services, win more customers or clients and generate more revenue than ever before. You’ll feel like your business is gliding on butter (so much more fun than wading through stodgy porridge.)

If there’s a problem (and let’s be honest, nothing in business is ever smooth sailing) you’ll have the confidence that your team has the skill set, camaraderie and ownership to figure it out and get sh*t done.

Corporate Headshots
Corporate Headshots

Unbelievable Teamwork

The Future Teams Day is part-photography, part-team building exercise… because
to get the best from your people, you need to understand how they think and how
they act, both as an individual and as part of the group, and THEN capture it on film.

Team Building Photographs
Team Building Photographs
Corporate Headshots

Here’s what we’ll achieve over the course of one amazing day…

  • Refocus and Reconnect

    Discuss your business goals, priorities and the role everyone is expected to play in order to achieve success.
  • Step into Your Potential

    Visualise what you, your team members and your business could become in 18 months’ time and let the photographs of your ‘Future Team’ become your targets.
  • Communicate Your Goals

    Pull your team together as one to face a new project, campaign, period of growth or even a potentially painful transition.
  • Build Morale and Camaraderie

    Turn your team into a dream machine that will go above and beyond for your business, your clients and each other.
  • Increase Engagement

    Show your team the ‘why’ behind your goals and plans and you’ll see their investment in your business shoot through the roof.
  • Increase Ownership

    Teach your team to treat your business with all the love, care and attention they would if it was their own baby.
  • Build Cohesion

    Share your goals and plans to get everyone onboard… pretty soon you’ll have an army of problem-solving go-getters all swimming in the same direction.
  • Tell Your Story

    Create stunning marketing assets that will showcase your team’s personality and progress. The narrative you create will form the bedrock of your future blogs and social media posts.

If you want to reconnect with your team, focus them on the
challenges ahead and motivate them to knock your business goals
out of the park, then you need the Future Teams Day.

Hosted at my custom-built photography studio and facilitated by me, Louise
Williams (an ex-psychologist – you can read more about that here), the Future
Teams Day is a 1 day intensive session with you and your team.

I help you and your team understand your roles and individual strengths in
order to achieve your goals, and build an Ocean’s Eleven level of slick teamwork.

I then take dazzling individual and team photographs that show the ‘future
you’… the person you and your team will be once you’ve absolutely smashed
your business goals to pieces in 18 months time.

The day is split into two parts.

Team Building Photographs with Future Teams
Team Building Photographs with Future Teams

Part 1

Understanding the Individual and the Team

Before we can discuss each individual’s place and impact on the team, we need to understand who they are and what strengths, skills and beliefs they bring to the table. What good are the X-Men if you don’t know how to use their abilities?

Using Archetypes, I help each team member uncover how their values and behaviours affect their performance and their interactions with other team members.

Once complete, we move on to discuss the team and its unique dynamics, using Jungian psychology tools to aid our conversations.

Only when we have a firm grasp on team dynamics do we move on to discuss the new project or business goal that all team members will be focused on for the next 18 months. This is when we forge the Fellowship that will take you and your team all the way to Mordor Business Nirvana.

We connect the whole team to the ‘why’ behind the project, ensuring every team member understands the importance of the goal, what it means for them on a personal level, for the team, and for the business, and we make sure they’re fully bought into the goal.

Professional Headshots personal branding and brand strategy

Part 2

Let’s Get Snappy!

Using our discussions as a starting point, we move on to the photography session.

I use all my skills to bring people out of their shells and show who they really are, so I can take spectacular headshots that help people to believe they’re really capable of fulfilling their potential.

Then it’s time for the team shots. I use many psychological techniques for getting groups to engage naturally, full of energy, and all playing to their strengths in a photograph.

When you and your team see the photographic proof, you’ll know you’re going to achieve your goals. You’ll believe it, because you can see it with your own eyes.

These photos will be the North Star for your journey. They pull everyone together, get them focused and help you believe that your big, hairy, audacious goals are there for the taking. What’s more, you’ll want to use them non-stop on your marketing brochures, website and social media.

Professional Headshots personal branding and brand strategy
Team building photographs with Future Teams
Team building photographs with Future Teams
Corporate Headshots

Build a Team that
Believes in Themselves,

and Watch Them Soar

When you have a team of extraordinary individuals who believe in themselves, and believe in each other, you can achieve anything.

You’ll blow through projects, smash all your goals and leave your competitors in the dust, scratching their head in disbelief at the hurricane that just blew through town.

Berkeley define it this way “Team building is an ongoing process that helps a work group evolve into a cohesive unit“.

Book the Future Teams Day today to bring your team together and set them on the right path. With a new understanding of themselves and their team members, combined with dazzling photos that will set your marketing alight, you’ll be ready to take your company to a whole new level…

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