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Light - Brand coaching


Want brand coaching to see how you can take your photographs and
brand strategy to a whole new level?

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Louise Williams Brand Coaching
Corporate Headshots

Corporate Headshots
Light - Brand coaching
Corporate Headshots
Light - Brand coaching

More About Brand Coaching

Through your IGNITE Brand Strategy™ Business Coaching Session, you’ll learn to create a distinctive and unique personal brand that will attract your tribe in droves. Additionally, discover the art of attracting ideal clients through an engaging, authentic narrative that emphasizes your story.

Finally, with a safe space and an expert guide, you’ll tear down the harmful narratives holding you back from true success – those old familiar refrains like ‘I’m not good enough,’ ‘I’ll never reach my potential,’ or ‘I don’t have anything unique to share.’

Most importantly, through this process, your passion will be reIGNITEd, and you’ll be certain you’re on the right path. Hold your head up, friend, and you’ll go far.

About Louise Williams​

I use all my years of experience as a former psychologist to reveal ‘The Future You’ through stunning photographs. Moreover, I help you create a unique personal brand that repels the ordinary.
I’ve worked with a huge number of speakers, coaches and consultants over the years. Notably, the most successful all seem to have one thing in common…One of their worst fears is being called ‘mediocre’. Likewise, Unremarkable, forgettable, pedestrian, garden-variety, even ‘pretty good’…In essence, ‘average’ marketing that looks like everyone else’s is both not what they want AND is DOOMED to fail.
People like you and I, who know that to succeed, we have to embrace who we really are. We also have to find a unique way of showing it. Middle-of-the-road is only a good place to be if you’re looking to get hit by an 18-wheeler.

Forget conformity

Now, it’s time to make your uniqueness a competitive advantage. Baby, you’re a firework…and it’s time to show it! As I always say, ‘you just gotta ignite the light and let it shine, just own the night, like the Fourth of July’…or maybe that was Katy Perry…