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The Workplace Human Value Disruptor

With the nonstop value add of her psychology background, Louise helps you overcome blocks and challenges you may be facing. So, you can craft your messaging to connect with and touch the hearts and minds of all who come across your work.

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Conversion-Focused Direct Response Copywriter & Online Marketing Expert

Working with Louise is hands down one of the best investments I’ve ever made in my brand. Her process is unlike any other. This was my last piece of the puzzle for serious growth in my business.

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Customer Strategy Consultant, Keynote Speaker & Author

Louise delivered outstanding, cut-through images that portray exactly who we are + want to show up as. Her process solidified so many issues around our identity + positioning that we had grappled with for years. She’s fun, challenging & knowledgeable.

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Style Coach & Image Alignment Specialist

When I look at my photographs, it is like looking into a mirror of my soul. I feel like people can see exactly who I am, no pretense and the impact of this is a powerful potent attractor for people who need you in their lives.

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Consultant for Women in STEM, Organisational Change Manager & Author

I was so excited to spruce up my branding images. This was not a traditional headshot session. Rather an examination of my goals for my business and what I was about. The resulting images are full of movement and life.

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Deep Belief Hacker for Empathpreneurs

Louise is an elite in her field, capturing your essence and amplifying it to cosmic levels. Stretching the boundaries to the benefit of YOU. She gets inside your head, then identifies the brilliance within and from behind the camera, expertly enticing it to boldly shine.

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Founder at Nurse Professional Advancement

Louise has a unique ability to connect with your future self and propel you wildly towards it. Blending Jungian Psychology with photography to set a path from your current self to your future state. Her photos are outrageously authentic, but her real skill is catapulting you towards your future goals.

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Web Designer, Content Strategist & Copywriter, Speaker & Author

My photos are incredibly memorable, funny, quirky and very me: All of me – complete with all my wonderous silly, geeky and standout-ishness. People see my photos and instantly recall who I am and what I do. They uniquely brand me on the market in a way that no bland corporate headshot can. This was the best marketing investment I have made in a decade.

Tracy Sheen, The Digital Guide, wearing a black dress and curled red hair, with hands on hips
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Digital Guide, Speaker, Writer

Louise helped me to embody the role I’m stepping into and, as a result was able to capture the future photo of me. The image that perfectly represents where I’m headed and how my clients interact with me. Every forward-thinking entrepreneur should engage and work with this very talented artist.

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Educator, Author, Speaker & Mentor

I love working with creative people. Louise is not a photographer – she is an artist. She has a wonderful talent for seeing what COULD be rather than just what IS. The stunning images she has created for me took me way out of my comfort zone. Work with Louise when you are ready to take a giant leap forward through your branding.

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