Be the unicorn in a field of horses

It’s confronting to think that so many years of study still leaves me feeling like an imposter some days. I’m a qualified primary school teacher. A qualified psychologist. I have a Masters in Organisational Psychology. I have multiple certifications in expressive therapies and Jungian symbol and sandplay therapy. I’ve also done multiple photography courses and […]

The Power of Vulnerability in Your Personal Brand

I love when Jacaranda season is upon us here in Brisbane. There is this moment as Winter merges into Spring, when the Jacaranda starts losing its leaves and you can hear the crunch of hundreds of tiny branches under your feet. Then, within the blink of an eye, we wake up one morning and the […]

The Domino Effect!

You’ve seen those amazing domino toppling videos? You know the ones where different coloured dominoes are all lined up in intricate layouts and designs, set to wow and mesmerise the viewer as the very first domino is delicately tipped over and a chain reaction is set off!  The click and clack as the dominoes topple […]

STOP being a Wally

I was looking through LinkedIn the other day, and I was struck by the number of profiles that had the same stock standard types of headshots on display.  Either they were photographs that had been cropped down from a larger personal photograph, or it was the standard headshot taken against a blank wall, wearing neat […]

Be Unapologetically You!

By the year 2023, experts believe that the first “implantable” mobile phone will be available. This supposedly means greater freedom and flexibility. We’ll be more connected than ever. The tilt of your head might be all that is needed to make a phone call. There’ll be constant access to monitoring and connecting to other devices […]

Business branding that is memorable for YOU and your clients

How Are You Memorable For Your Clients? If you’ve been looking for an experience and a strategy that will make your business memorable to those around you and especially SPEAK confidently to your ideal client, then a Business Branding Portrait session would be exactly what you are looking for. The Story… Imagine being on the […]