Potent Self-leadership VS Curated Leadership


Potent self-leadership VS Curated leadership Potent self-leadership unapologetically demands all the parts of you to step up, to be seen, and to be in full embodiment. Yet many leaders are only embodying a fraction of their potential, their personality, their rawest version of themselves. Curated leadership is a thing and it’s eating away at teams, […]

Breaking the Bias around Curvy Women in Leadership

Women in leadership

Nomen in Leadership: A Curvy Professional Speaker Moment. Testing 1… 2… 3… “Please welcome to the stage, Louise Williams!” I was speaking at an event just a few months prior to covid hitting Australia when we were all still doing in-person presentations. I walked up onto the stage, about to deliver my keynote “How to […]

Quirky Branding of a unicorn in a field of horses

Even with quirky branding, it’s confronting to think that, I still have imposter syndrome days. I’m a qualified primary school teacher. A qualified psychologist. I have a Masters in Organisational Psychology. I have multiple certifications in expressive therapies and Jungian symbol and sandplay therapy. I’ve also done multiple photography courses and worked as a professional […]

Professional headshots: One size {does not} fit ALL

professional headshots

Ever been duped by the “one size fits all” professional headshots concept? You know the outfits I’m talking about. The ones that spruke that they will fit all sizes, but they are really only catering to a small range of people. You get seduced by the idea of wearing something so lovely, but you are […]

When Your Personal Brand Hits the Fan

personal brand

When trouble strikes… Life gets in the way… When shit hits the fan… And relationships go pear-shaped… When all hell breaks loose… HOW does your personal brand whether the storm? Your personal brand reveals it’s true strength when things go topsy turvy A brand can appear rosy when everything is working as it should. When […]

Headshots Brisbane – The Dag Dance

headshots brisbane

Playful FUN creates Powerful Corporate Headshots Brisbane The difference between regular headshots/branding photographs in Brisbane, and Future You identity photographs that we take in the studio, all comes down to identity psychology, personality, and especially emotion and expression. As soon as the camera is lifted up, I notice that peoples’ anxiety increases and their ability […]